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Final Sale of LKF Horses Going On NOW!!!! 

The Time Has Come.....

We have been in the long process of dispersing the Little King herd of breeding stock and champion producers for 5 years now. We started with over 250 head and are down to the last 40. During this time we have continued producing top show horses and beautiful Shetlands. We are down to the best of the best, some of the most proven producers and its time to let them go


Some of these horses have given their all to our farm and program. Some of them are irreplaceable genetics to the industry. Some are just getting started on their show and produce careers. It is impossible for us to put a value on what they have given and are worth to us financially and emotionally. Every horse on this farm has a purpose. 


We are most concerned with the homes and futures these horses will have in the care of others verses the proven monetary and genetic ability they actually are worth. Therefore, the final sale of the herd will be done as a "Make Offer" Sale. This is the chance for newcomers, young breeders, amateurs and trainers to get extraordinary horses. We are looking for show homes for young stock. Breeding farms for young mares and stallions and people who appreciate the proven producers that still have several more years to give. 


Carefully look throuigh the list, read the descriptions and see if there is something that may just fit your program. Ask questions and please feel free to "make an offer." No reasonable, respectable offer will be refused. All paperwork is up to date and will be filed appropriately for stallion reports and registrations. Buyers are responsible for any vet and travel expenses. All horses must be moved by September 1, 2019. 


We encourage you to come to the farm and look in person. Call or email today.....


LKF has been breeding and showing Miniature Horses and small Shetland Ponies for over 40 years now! Marianne Eberth bought one pet for her children in 1976. The farm rapidly grew during the 80s and 90s standing several syndicated world champion stallions and managing herds for breeders with over 500 horses on the farm at one time.


If you are wanting to breed and compete in this evolution of the Miniature Horse Industry that is happening worldwide, we encourage you to come see our "Next Generation of Buckeroo" horses and consider adding them to your program. We promise, they will not disappoint you!


Please scroll through our website- there are several slideshows of famous horses in the industry at LKF!

Want to know more about our horses and the services we offer? Get detailed information here. Learn more about us and attend LKF Events! We're looking forward to your visit to Little King Farm.

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