Welcome to Little King Farm.

LKF has been breeding and showing miniature horses for over 35 years now! Marianne Eberth bought one pet for her children in 1976. The farm rapidly grew during the 80s and 90s standing several syndicated world champion stallions and managing herds for breeders with over 500 horses on the farm at one time. LKF is the place for the Heritage Sale and Oktoberfest Sale plus many other events during the year.


Time has come for Little King Farm to reluctantly bow out of the miniature horse industry. After more than 35 years of being a leading source for World and National Champion miniatures, our passion to lead, share, educate, inspire and create has come to an end. Our focus on other priorities in life are taking more time, leaving less for the farm and horses. Our wonderful life in this industry is indescribable and our hearts are forever grateful for all the friends, clients, and opportunities we have had the privilege to experience.


We have approximately 60 AMHA/AMHR, AMHR, AMHR/ASPC horses to place in new programs and homes. This group of horses is the "Next Generation" of Buckeroo and LKF. Majority of these are exceptional crosses of proven Classic and Modern Shetland lines to our more than proven Buckeroo lines. We are so very proud of the quality, proportion, Buckeroo brilliance and most of all outstanding form to function and accentuated motion this group of horses has to offer the industry. This is a very difficult time for us, as these horses are what we have strived to produce for generations now. 3-1 Packages, show prospects, proven breeding stallions and more! And don't be fooled- most are well under 34".


If you are wanting to breed and compete in this evolution of the Miniature Horse Industry that is happening worldwide, we encourage you to come see this group of horses and consider adding them to your program. We promise, they will not disappoint you!


Please scroll through our website- there are several slideshows of famous horses in the industry at LKF!

Want to know more about our horses and the services we offer? Get detailed information here. Learn more about us and attend LKF Events! We're looking forward to your visit to Little King Farm.