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The Stallions of Little King Farm

Little King Farm offers a diverse range of exceptional stallions! The line up of breeding stallions for 2016 include several World and National Champion AMHA and AMHR Miniature Stallions plus~ AMHR/ASPC dual registered stallions and Congress Champions!

We also have some up and coming young stallions.  Our stallions range from the smallest World Grand Champion at 28.25" up to the Pony of the Year Congress Champion at 41". We are striving to have the best small equines available with exceptional motion and Buckeroo presence.

Contact us and discover all we have to offer to breed your mares to or purchase your next horse sired by our Stallions.

Little Kings Buck Echo

AMHA and AMHR Registered 28.25" Buckskin Stallion

Sire: Boones Little Buckeroo

Dam: Komokos Teenie Jeanie


Following the road to success, lead by his famous father Buckeroo, Buck Echo joins our other breeding stallions to concentrate the other characteristics that are so distinguishable in our breeding program.

Buck Echo retired from the show ring after his win in 1994... he went out with a Bang! To add to his already numerous Champion Titles, Echo won the AMHA World Grand Champion Senior Stallion title. Also, that same year, his daughter Little Kings Echo Me Oh My Oh, won the 1994 AMHA World Champion Weanling Filly Title.

At 28.25" (the smallest AMHA World Grand Champion Senior Stallion), Echo is extremely refined, tiny legged, level top line and a gorgeous "Buckeroo" head with large eyes. He exhibits all the showring brilliance, exuberance, spirit, personality and fire of his father. This show "attitude" is what makes him such a dynamic horse. We call this the "Echo Attitude". Whether in the barn aisle or show ring, Echo dominates everything around him with his presence.

Buckeroo and Buck Echo

Buck Echo’s progeny are also "speaking for themselves." As a sire, Echo is reproducing himself in his National and Top Ten Champion get. He is proving the generational greatness of the Buckeroo line. Such get as Little Kings Echo Me Oh My Oh, Little Kings Echo Ambassador, Little Kings Echo Aurora, and TenLs Echos Captive Spirit have carried on Echo’s abilities and presence proving this generational success.

Buck Echo is owned by the Buck Echo Syndicate. The Syndicate members include: Little King Farm, Alamo Miniaures and Blue Chip Miniatures.

Little Kings Madam's Mr Bay

31" Bay AMHA and AMHR Stallion

Sire: Little Kings Bay Ablaze

Dam: Little Kings Madam Buckeroo


This young stallion is proving to be a true asset to our next generation of breeding small equines! His sire is World Champion Senior Stallion 28-30". His dam is World Champion Senior Mare 32-34" and Reserve World Grand Champion!


His foals are correct, refined and tons of Buckeroo look plus motion! He has been crossing exceptionally well with our line bred Buckeroo daughters and our Buckeroo/Shetland crosses. He tested Negative for all 4 of the dwarf genes.


Owned by Little King Farm. 



Mr Bay
Mr Bay

Little Kings Buck Magnificent

AMHA and AMHR Registered 32" Buckskin Stallion

Sire: Boones Little Buckeroo

Dam: Little Kings Sophia Supreme


Magnificent is "Unmistakably Buckeroo!" This stallion is extremely Magnificent, graceful and beautiful. He is a son of Boones Little Buckeroo. His dam is Little Kings Sophia Supreme – the youngest daughter of the late Komokos Little King Supreme. Sophia is also a granddaughter of World Grand Champion Stallion- Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too. To add to his already proven pedigree, Magnificent is the full brother to Reserve World Grand Champion Stallion- Little Kings All Fired Up Buck!
Magnificent is the recipient of the AMHA World Show 2012 & 2010 Grand Champion Country Pleasure Driving. He holds Multiple Championships in Country Pleasure Driving and National and World titles in both the AMHA and AMHR. He also was one of the Buckero Get who won the World Grand Champion Get Of Sire for Buckeroo in 2007. With his pedigree and proven show record, Magnificent has a wonderful future ahead of him!


Mag is owned by Rogers Heaven Sent Ranch. Stud Fee: $1500.00


Little Kings Buckeroo Fame

AMHA and AMHR Registered 33.5" Buckskin Stallion

Sire: Boones Little Buckeroo

Dam: Little Kings Jackie Jubilee


Fame is a young stallion here at LKF! He is a son of Buckeroo and is out of a stunning mare - LK Jackie Jubilee.-a daughter of the late East Acres Golden Jubilee and out of LK Echo Aurora- a daughter of Buck Echo. Fame has excellent movement, balance and is full of presence and the Buckeroo Look! He was shown at 2 shows in 2009 and was Top Five at the Eastern Regionals as a Sr. Stallion. Fame is Negative for all 4 of the Dwarf Genes. His foals are gorgeous with lots of poof and blow and motion!


Fame is owned by Little King Farm.

Available for Purchase- Contact Us for details.

Little Kings 5 O'Clock

 AMHR Registered 36" Bay Stallion

Sire: RFP 6/8 Time

Dam: Little Kings Echo Aurora


It's 5 o'clock Somewhere!!! This Stallion Rocks the House! He is super extreme in type, tons of "Echo" Attitude, 6/8 "Timed" Motion and just enough Buckeroo to have that "Look" in his eyes! we have big plans for this young stallion. 


Five is owned by Little King Farm. 


Little Kings Time Bomb

AMHR Black Stallion 36"

Sire: RFP 6/8 Time

Dam: Little Kings Buckeroo Nitelite


OMG! This guy is so cool and moves so awesome! He has power, presence and correct balance and conformation. A true miniature horse. His first foals are on the ground. Bomb tested negative for all 4 of the dwarf genes. He is the Next Generation of not just Buckeroo but miniature horse! 



Time Bomb
Photo on Order- Stuart Vesty

Little Kings Buckeroo Renaissance

AMHA and AMHR Registered Buckskin Stallion 34"

Sire: Boones Little Buckeroo

Dam: Buckeroos Little Tinkerbell


Renny is a full brother to World Champion driving horse- Little Kings BuckAllYouCan. He moves just as awesome! Renny is full of poof and blow, loves to trot and has great refinement and balance. His foals are carrying those same wonderful attributes!Renny tested Negative for all 4 of the Dwarf Genes.




JCs Distinction

AMHR/ASPC Stallion- 38" Dark Bay

Foundation Certified

Sire: Z.Js Windwalker (HOF)

Dam: JC's Lizzie M (HOF)


This stunning stallin is one of our outcrosses to our Buckeroo minis. He is a goldmine of motion and length of neck. We are super excited about the future of the miniature horse with this stallions qualities of presence, power and proportion.


We have many foals expected out of Buckeroo line mares and several Shetland/Miniature mares.


SOLD to Suzanne Acres~ Ireland


Wa-Full Unique Waylon

AMHR andASPC 36.5" Black Stallion

Sire: Lee-Land Unique

Dam: Wa-Full Kids Sweet Lee


Waylon is another "Next Generation" stallion here at LKF! He comes from a successful, consistent Champion winning line. He has a gorgeous face, delicate legs and great presence! We are excited about his foals and crossing to our already proven mares with Buckeroo and Rock E breeding.


SOLD to Paige Mehlhope. Breedings still available.


In Cahoots

AMHR and ASPC 37.5" Bay Stallion

Sire: JCs Distinction

Dam: Michigans Fancy Silk Stockings


"Hooty" is the horse of the Century! This young stallion has more talent than horses 3 times his size! His balance and proportion in almost perfect! His expression and attitude is suberb! We are so excited about this stallion and can't wait to see how he crosses with our mares! Hooty has tested negative for all 4 of the dwarf genes. His first foal crop produced resulted in a Congress Champion colt and a National Champion Colt! Hooty foals are breathtaking!


Owned by LKF and Carl Mitz. Stud Fee: $2,000.00




D & S Knight Cap

ASPC 41" Grey Stallion

Sire: BHR Top Notch

Dam: Georgetowns Knight Mare


Knight Cap is a stunning dapple grey American Shetland Pony. He is the 2008 Congress Grand Champion Classic Stallion and Pony of the Year! He has excellent athletic ability, refinement, proportion and a wonderful attitude. His foals are winning Congress titles and Hall of Fame awards! He crosses exceptionally well with our Rock E line mares. Knight Cap is negative for all 4 of the dwarf genes.


Knight Cap is owned by Little King Farm. 

Refernce Sire:

Alvadars Double Destiny

32" Buckskin Stallion, AMHA and AMHR

Sire: Litle Kings Buckeroo Times Two

Dam: Mini Bits Shady Lady



Destiny is without a doubt, the future of the miniature horse industry.
A grandson of the world famous Boone's Little Buckeroo, Destinyis sired by a close-bred son of Buckeroo, Little Kings Buckeroo Times Two. Buckeroo Times Two, a National Top Ten winner, is the full brother to Little Kings Madam Buckeroo, the 1995 National Reserve Grand Champion Senior Mare. Destiny'sdam, Mini Bits Shady Lady, is a beautifully refined black mare who is also a multiple champion and whose grand sire is Johnston's Gold Bar. Interestingly,Destiny has the highly admired sire Gold Melody Boy on both sides of his pedigree. Destiny is NEGATIVE for all 4 of the dwarf genes.


Alvadar's Double Destiny National Show Titles.













Owned by the Double Destiny Syndicate. Destiny sadly passed away in 2015 at the age of 22 years old. His accomplished have not been matched yet in the AMHA industry- just like his grandsire!



Reference Sire:


Little Kings Buckeroo Cash In Hand

AMHA and AMHR Registered 32" Buckskin Pinto Stallion

Sire: Boones Little Buckeroo

Dam: Majolicas Leatherwood Passion


Cash In Hand was so named appropriately! His foals sell like crazy because they are so refined, balanced, delicate, beautiful and with outstanidng motion! He is a stunning stallion with exceptional pedigree and athletic ability. His dam is a daughter of LK Leatherwood Buckeroo x Unos Reflection. Cash is a Reserve National Champion Jr Stallion. 


In 2015 Cash In Hand sadly passed away due to an injury sustained with his mares in the field. 



Photo on order - Stuart Vesty

Reference Sire:


SMHCs Exclusive

AMHR Stallion- 34" Bay Pinto

Sire: SMHCs Painted Freedom

Dam: FWF Starbright 


Exclusive was the 2006 AMHR National Reserve Champion Stallion! He was one of our outcrosses producing the "Nest Generation" at LKF! We crossed him with many of our Buckeroo daughters with great success. His leg to barrel proportion was wonderful and his freedom of motion outstanding!


Sadly Exclusive passed away in 2013 after a 2 year battle with a rupture in his esophagus. We have retained many Exclusive daughters for our breeding program.

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