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Many of these Testominals have been taken off of blog sites and emails sent to us here at LKF. Some have to do with the Greatness of Buckeroo, other's have to do with our clientele and are honesty in this industry.


If at anytime you have any questions, client or not, feel free to give us a call or email. We do our best to help people new to this industry and those who have been in it for decades. There is never a stupid question and believe us when we say, each year we learn something new!

"We chose the Buckeroo line and it has literally made our farm. The Buckeroo line is so prepotent in producing consistently the showy type horse, it is so well known even down the generations. We feel the Buckeroo line has had a tremendous effect on the quality of our show horses, sales, and the quality of our foals we are producing. Buckeroo is the most prepotent sire in the industry and has proved it over and over again!"


Joe and Laura Tennil, Ten L Training.


Mike and Terry Hlavatovic... "Buckeroo horses in the show ring... Excellence, Attitude, Presence, Intelligence."

"When I first saw Buckeroo (in a magazine), he took my breath away, literally, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and presence of this magnificent animal. There is something about this horse to me that sets him far above the realm of the pretty winners.


But more important to me than just the fact that his get won in the ring is the look that Buckeroo stamps on his get, even generations down the line. His offspring have presence and a brilliance that are unmistakable, even to the novice."

Judie Evans of Clarion Miniatures, a successful Collie breeder and judge of 35 years

"The thing I always say to people when they ask me what I think of  Buckeroo. Is-----

That he is my favorite stallion and the best producing stallion in the Industry. lf they could have the chance to come to the Heritage Sale and see all of his Magnificent Champion Sons and Grandsons up on that Stage. Its just unbelievable what he has produced, one generation after another and always producing Quality and World Champions. And at 30 years old he won the prestigious 2007 Get of Sire class.  Its amazing what he has accomplished! And he's still beautiful and handsome at 30."


Toni Reece- Reece Family Miniatures

Cédric Dubroecq of Elevage de la Buise, France.....


"When I started in the Miniature horse industry 16 years ago, I directly found the Buckeroo pictures on Internet and when I saw them I understood directly what was a real Miniature horse and what the American people named "The look at me Attitude". Since this date, I've traveled a lot in USA, bought lots of Buckeroo Grandget year after year and one Buckeroo son in 2003 with Nathalie Marmuse from Modello Horse Farm. Each time we travel to USA we go to Little King Farm for a visit and of course see Boones Little Buckeroo in person. He is still for us the best Miniature horse in the American Miniature horse history year after year. Our Buckeroo Bloodline horses produce in France and Europe many Champions year after year and we are so proud to be one of the first in Europe to introduce this bloodline. Thanks to the Eberth Family to do for everybody such great work with Buckeroo."

"Of all the historic Stallions that have graced the annals of the American Miniature Horse, Buckeroo has placed his name and legacy at the top of the list with his constant production of quality offspring. When we saw him for the first time in person, it made such an impression we were hooked on the American Minature Horse for life.  


When he eventually retires from the breeding pen he will leave behind sons and daughters that will impact the American Miniature Horse for years to come. I can only say thanks to him and his committed owners/Handlers at Little King Farms for all they have done for this breed!!!!."


John & Cindy Cherry

Cherryville Farms

Lowell with Buckeroo- 1998- 20th B-day party

"My life with Buckeroo should have ended when I sold him. It didn't. The Eberth family and I have become very close friends. We all shared and participate in the same dream -a dream we see every day in the get and grand get of this exceptional stallion, Buckeroo."


Lowell Boone

Wade Burns ~ Lucky Four Farm


"We are honorred to be a part of the Buckeroo heritage, It is hard to find a horse on this farm that does not carry his blood. I can not imagine there has ever been a stallion that did so much for any breed as Buckeroo has done for Miniatures."

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