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Looking back....... When Marianne set out to produce quality miniature horses over 35 years ago, she had no idea of the inherent issues associated with this endeavor. Miniature horses were created by the crossing of 2 Shetland ponies carrying recessive genes for height and many also carrying the dwarf gene resulting in a much smaller foal. These were commonly called the "freak, little midget horse, kids pet pony, or circus side show horse," until they became popular and were then considered an "exotic!" The smallest horse or dwarf would bring the most money at the exotic sales- in turn making more people breed for small size to capitalize on them. With the original registries distinguishing the "miniature" horse by size only, it encouraged very poor breeding programs to result. That is why not only the many types of dwarf genes are so prevalent in miniatures, but what comes with that is poor conformation, distortion of proportion and very little freedom of motion.


Looking forward...... With very little research, one can see the progression of the miniature horse transform from small freaks of nature to today's small equines in less than 30 years. In the early 1990s was when the transformation of the miniature horse really took affect. The shows and judges had much to do with this along with the few breeders at the time striving not for small size, but correct conformation. From 1994 to 2005, 7 of the 11 World Grand Champion Senior Stallions were sons or grandsons of Boones Little Buckeroo.  A trend for quality began. The miniature horse is not a breed, it is only a height division. Because of this and the fact that miniatures have only been bred for quality for 20 + years, it is too young and small of a genetic pool to stop looking to improve the horses.


The NEXT Generation...... "there is no perfect horse" so we are still trying to perfect them! We have taken our proven, consistent, winning Buckeroo horses and began researching the Shetland bloodlines to seek consistent, proven, winning, ponies with the proportion and freedom of motion that the miniatures lack. We have brought in several ponies that go back to what we feel was so great about Buckeroo-Gold Melody Boy. Some of these mares are triple registered Shetlands, under 34" Gold King daughters plus East Acres Golden Jubilee daughters. We have also brought in daughters and granddaughters of Bar Gs Rock E, RFP 6/8 Time,  IC Merry Legs Spot Light, SMHCs Exclusive, JCs Distinction, Wa-Full Unique Waylon, In Cahoots, D&S Knight Cap and Woodmeres Been There Dun That.


Below you can see some of our NEXT Generation of Little King Farm Horses! Striving for quality, proportion, presence and motion~ we are very excited about the future just from these few foals! For more information about our breeding program or if you would like to visit the farm and see these foals toss their heads, snort, blow and trot with their tails up, Contact Us to set up an appointment!

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